Andromeda Galaxy

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The Andromeda Galaxy and its residents as scribed by K.E. Milrona.
Follow me and discover the lands of legends...
In the Andromeda Galaxy 

Bookworld Series
Orphan Quest - Available through Coyote's Blessings, Kindle, Amazon, etc...
DOT - Available through Coyote's Blessings, Kindle, Amazon, etc...
Nightmare Through Memory Lane Available in Kindle Format

Encyclopedias of the Andromeda Galaxy
Snats - Exclusively available through Coyote's Blessings.

Web Comics
Dusk of Dawns - *Free* Exclusively available through Tapas. 

Other Publications

Short Stories
The Problem with Peppers

Up the Mountain
Willow Tree

Up-Coming Projects

The Company Chronicles
Follow them on their journey into the Shroud, the realm of corruption, where their worst enemies are themselves and time is of the essence. If they cannot close the gates of the Shroud, the Planet of Legends will be consumed...

Volume I: Shadows at Dusk. The Company Chronicles are the time-spanning tale of the Company. They are the chosen of the deities, set on a path that will take them into Dream, created by the landscapes of their minds. 

Elbissopmi System: Encyclopedia
The solar system where within resides The Planet of Legends and The World. 

Kerath System: Encyclopedia
The only indigenous bipedal of the Abcorn Jungle, the Kerath live on Gramera'ger on the Planet of Legends. Some claim they are cannibals, others say they are mindless savages, but who and what are the Kerath? Explore the hunter-gatherer culture of these reclusive larthan. 

Humans live underground for safety. This is the way it has been for time immemorial. The 'Surface' is but a child's story. And yet... if that is the truth, why are there so many ancient pictures of places no one can find? Nick decides to find out, his journey leads up through the Old Works and beyond as he delves into the secrets of the Surface.
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